VAQT - Time and Location based attendance and costing.

Take advantage of the power of seamless attendance and cost management with VAQT, an advanced platform designed to revolutionize how you track, manage, and optimize workforce activities. VAQT is not just a simple attendance management system, but a comprehensive solution that combines multiple applications, each with a critical role in providing you with an unparalleled level of control and insights.

What makes
VAQT unique?

Our platform streamlines processes through interconnected applications that work in harmony. No more data silos; instead, revel in a seamless flow of information, enhancing efficiency, and eradicating operational bottlenecks.
Management Application
  • Effortlessly manage master data such as vehicles, passengers, stops, routes, trips, gates, projects and sites.
  • Streamline your operations with a centralized hub for all essential information.
  • Enhance efficiency by ensuring accurate and up-to-date master data at your fingertips.
Attendance Marking Application
  • Choose from various attendance marking methods, including PIN, RFID cards, or manual entry
  • Enjoy real-time attendance tracking for enhanced visibility into workforce movements.
  • Say goodbye to attendance discrepancies with VAQT's foolproof attendance marking system.
Passenger Application
  • Empower your passengers by allowing them to view and verify their attendance information.
  • Foster transparency and trust by providing individuals with direct access to their attendance records.
  • Enhance passenger engagement through a user-friendly and intuitive application interface.
Cost Management Module
  • Optimize your resources with the optional cost management module.
  • Seamlessly integrate labor costs with attendance data to generate insightful reports.
  • Say goodbye to tedious manual calculations; VAQT automates project-wise and site-wise labor cost reports.

Why Choose

Comprehensive Solution: VAQT is more than just an attendance management system. It's a comprehensive solution that addresses all aspects of workforce management, from tracking attendance to analyzing labor costs.

Efficiency Redefined: Streamline your operations and boost efficiency with our interconnected applications. VAQT is designed to work in synergy, ensuring a seamless flow of information and eliminating data silos.

Transparency and Trust: Promote transparency by providing passengers with direct access to their attendance records. VAQT builds trust by keeping all stakeholders informed and engaged.

Optional Cost Management: Take your management to the next level with the optional cost management module. Effortlessly correlate labor costs with attendance data and gain valuable insights into project and site-wise expenditures.

Experience the Future of Attendance and Cost Management with VAQT!

Say goodbye to outdated attendance tracking methods and cumbersome cost management processes. VAQT empowers you with the tools you need to take control of your workforce management. Join the future of efficient, transparent, and cost-effective operations with VAQT - Where Time and Location meet Management Excellence.
VAQT for Workforce Attendance

Ideal for workforce attendance management and project/site wise costing.

  • Automated Site/Project identification

  • Can be integrated to vehicles or site entry locations.

  • Labour cost management.

  • Optional HRM/ERP integration.

VAQT for Schoolbus

Attendance management solution for schools.

  • Parent apps with live location and Entry/Exit notifications.

  • Stop based ETA.

  • School gate attendance.

  • Routing assistance.